How to get to London

How to get to London

As one of the most visited cities, London is very well connected and easily accessible from all corners of the world. 

Travelling from the U.S.

Tourists from the United States will find direct flights from most U.S. cities to London.

These are some cities that provide direct flights to London:

Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Washington, Orlando, Las Vegas, Dallas, and Houston, among others.

Examples of low-fare trans-Atlantic airlines:

  • Norwegian: From Los Angeles and New York/JFK to London/Gatwick.
  • Condor: Flies from most major cities in the States to London/Heathrow.

Travelling from Canada

Similarly to the United States, tourists travelling from Canada to London can also find direct flights.  

Examples of low-fare trans-Atlantic airlines:

  • Air Transat: Flies from 15 Canadian cities to London/Gatwick.
  • Air Canada Rouge: Flies from Canada to London/Gatwick
  • Condor: Flies from most major cities in Canada to London

Travelling from Australia

Finding low-fare airlines from Australia to London is a little more difficult for such long-distance flights. Nevertheless, if you book in advance, you'll find the best rates guaranteed. Moreover, as of March 2018, a 17-hour direct flight has been launched for the first time, flying between Perth and London Stansted.

Travelling from Europe

If you’re travelling from Europe, there are numerous airlines, including low-cost ones, that fly to any one of London’s airports. If you book in advance, you can find return tickets for as little as 50 (US$ 54.30).

Low-cost airlines that fly to the UK’s capital city include Ryanair, EasyJet, Flybe, Jet2, and Norwegian.

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Once you know which airport you land in, you can find out how to get to the city centre:

Travelling by train

If you’re travelling across Europe, another option is to take the Eurostar train into London. The Eurostar leaves Paris 12 times a day and takes 2 and a half hours to get to its destination. You can also catch the Eurostar in Brussels.

Travelling by car

To get to the UK by car from France you can get the Eurotunnel to Dover and drive up to London. However, we don't recommend this option as it's quite pricey and getting around London by car is extremely expensive and stressful. Furthermore, if you're used to driving on the right-hand side. The UK roads might be a bit confusing since the British drive on the left-hand side.