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Getting around London

Public transport in London is quite expensive and visitors will notice a great difference between this city and other European capitals. For example, a Zone 1 single-journey ticket costs £4,90 compared to Madrid, where a single ticket costs 1,50 €.

Transport in London

  • Metro de Londres The London Underground has a network of 11 lines and is the world’s first underground railway. It is the best way to travel great distances.
  • Autobuses en Londres Although it isn’t the fastest way to get around London, the city’s famous double-decker buses offer a unique way of discovering the streets of London.
  • Taxis en Londres

    London’s taxis, best known as black cabs are spacious, comfortable and elegant, and different to any other taxi in Europe. Nevertheless, they are one of the most expensive in Europe.

  • If you want to do a little exercise….

  • Bicicletas de alquiler público en Londres Although the climate is not always very inviting for this type of transport, many Londoners prefer to cycle when covering short distances.

Transport tickets

In London there is no doubt about it, a travel pass will always be the cheapest option. It is more economical to buy a day travel pass than two single journey tickets.

There are two different types of travel passes available in London: 

  • Travelcard Depending on the number of days in London, the Travelcard might be the best option. With this card, visitors will be able to travel as many times as they want by bus, Tube, DLR (Docklands Light Railway), London Overground and National Rail services within the London travel zones. There are two types of Travelcards: a 1-day Travelcard or a 7-day Travelcard.
  • Tarjeta Oyster The Oyster Card is a top-up (prepaid) travel pass for tourists and residents of London. 
  • Visitor Oyster Card

  • Although you’ll see tourists with Visitor Oyster cards, we recommend getting a normal Oyster card if you decide that it’s the best option for you. Unlike a normal Oyster Card, travelers won’t be given the option of getting their deposit back with a Visitor Oyster card nor will they get their money back when giving back the card at the end of their stay.