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Top attractions in London

Visitors could stay in London for weeks without having seen everything the city has to offer. Here are some of the city’s top attractions:

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Our 5 top attractions

  • Palacio de Westminster Westminster Palace, also referred to as the Houses of Parliament, is a Gothic styled building and is where the House of Commons and the House of Lords meet (the two houses of the Parliament of the United Kingdom).
  • Abadía de Westminster Westminster Abbey is London’s most ancient abbey church. Built during several centuries, it has witnessed many distinguished acts.  
  • Torre de Londres The Tower of London has been a synonym of terror and torture during many centuries, however, it is now the most-loved attraction in London. This is where the Crown jewels are kept
  • Palacio de Buckingham Buckingham Palace is the current residence of the Royal Family of the United Kingdom, and specifically where Queen Elisabeth II resides.
  • Catedral de San Pablo St. Paul’s Cathedral is the second largest cathedral in the world after the Basilica of Saint Paul in Rome.

Curious and interesting visits

  • Big Ben The Big Ben has become one of London’s symbols, but few people know what this building really is.  
  • Tower Bridge Tower Bridge is London’s most famous bridge because of its stunning architecture and history.
  • London Eye Built in 2000 to celebrate the new millennium, London Eye has become one of the city’s favourite icons.
  • Palacio de Kensington Residence of the British Royal Family for over 300 years, Kensington Palace is a curious place to visit.
  • Picadilly Circus Piccadilly Circus is London’s most famous square and is an important meeting point for both locals and visitors. 
  • Trafalgar Square Built in 1830 to commemorate the victory of the British Navy against the French and the Spanish fleets in the Battle of Trafalgar, this public Square is one of the most visited squares.
  • Covent Garden Covent Garden is one of the capital’s liveliest neighbourhoods and its Market is a definite must-see.
  • The Shard The Shard, also referred to as the Shard of Glass, is the tallest building in the European Union, standing 1,016 ft high. It offers one of the most captivating views of London.
  • Chinatown Chinatown is London’s Chinese neighbourhood and dates back to the mid twentieth century.
  • The Old Operating Theatre In Saint Thomas’s church, the Old Operating Theatre, exposes Victorian surgery techniques in the oldest operating theatre of the UK.  
  • The Monument The Monument to the Great Fire of London was built between 1671 and 1677 to commemorate the victims of the Fire and celebrate the reconstruction of the city.
  • Shakespeare´s Globe Theatre Although it is a copy of the original theatre, the Globe Theatre is one of the world’s most famous playhouses and is still open as a normal theatre with different plays running throughout the year.

Other places to visit in London

  • Cambio de Guardia Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace is one of the most famous activities in London. Enjoy this 45-minute ceremony for free.
  • Apsley House Situated in Hyde Park, Apsley House is a mansion built in 1778 belonging to the Duke of Wellington.
  • Ayuntamiento de Londres Designed by Norman Foster, the City Hall is a peculiar building that stands 45 meters tall and is a relevant piece of architecture.
  • HMS Belfast Moored on the River Thames and with a long and colourful past, this historic warship is one of the most famous museum-ships in the world.

Now that you know what London’s top attractions are, we recommend you check out the city’s most important museums and galleries.

How to save money when visiting London?

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