London Pass

London Pass

The London Pass gives you free access to over 60 attractions, tours and museums in the city. As well as free entry, you will also be able to skip all the queues with fast-track entry and get discounts elsewhere.

Attractions included in the London Pass

These are just some of the attractions included in the Pass:

You can check the full list of attractions on their official website:

London Pass fares

Number of days Over 15 years old Ages 5 to 15
1 £ 75 (US$ 102.20) £ 55 (US$ 75)
2 £ 99 (US$ 135) £ 75 (US$ 102.20)
3 £ 125 (US$ 170.40) £ 89 (US$ 121.30)
6 £ 169 (US$ 230.40) £ 125 (US$ 170.40)
10 £ 199 (US$ 271.40) £ 149 (US$ 203.20)

If you’re going to use public transport, you can also get the Oyster card with the London Pass, allowing you to use public transport throughout your trip.

Is the London Pass worth purchasing?

Although the Pass might seem a little pricey, it can be worthwhile depending on the attractions and sightseeing you plan to do. As well as saving on the entry fares of different attractions, it also includes additional discounts and you will avoid one-hour lines, especially during the weekends.

If you get a 6-day London Pass and you divide the total amount per days, you’ll see that you only spend £ 20 (US$ 27.20) per day. This Pass is definitely worthwhile if you plan on seeing at least one attraction like the Tower of London, which is £ 22 (US$ 30) a day. Plus, you will have access to the fast-track entry.  

Where to get the London Pass?

You can purchase the London Pass directly on our website and once you get to London, you can collect your Pass in the "The London Pass Redemption Desk” at 11a Charing Cross Road (closest tube station: Leicester Square, exit 1)