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Best parks and gardens in London

London’s well-kept and lively parks are a definite must when visiting London, even though they are not as famous as the city’s monuments and museums.

  • Hyde Park Hyde Park is the largest park in central London. Besides being a great place to relax, you can also take part in one of its many activities and sports.
  • St James´s Park St James’s Park is the oldest royal park in London, a charming green lung in the heart of London.
  • Kensington Gardens Originally taken from its neighbouring Hyde Park, Kensington Palace’s private gardens were opened to the public in 1841.
  • Regent´s Park Regent’s Park is probably the city’s most famous park and a definite favourite amongst locals. It also houses the London Zoo. 
  • Green Park Before the nineteenth century, this park was a haven for many delinquents and a favourite spot for duals. After the nineteenth century, the Green Park began to take shape as an urban park.