Monuments and Tourist attractions

If you've already discovered London's top attractions and you've seen enough museums and galleries, find out about the city's top activities.

Monuments and Tourist Attractions

Westminster Palace

Westminster Palace, also referred to as the Houses of Parliament, is a Gothic style building and is where the House of Commons and the House of Lords meet

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is London’s most famous and oldest religious building, where the monarchy is crowned and the remains of the Royal Family are buried. Find out here what to see and how to get there.

Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is the most famous square in London. Nowadays, it is also a busy meeting place for many locals and tourists.

Tower of London

Although the Tower of London was considered a symbol of terror for over 900 hundred years, it is currently London’s most popular tourist attraction.

Tower Bridge

Since its construction in 1894, Tower Bridge has become one of London’s most famous symbols. Find out all there is to know about this unique bridge.

St Paul's Cathedral

Destroyed by the Fire of 1666, St Paul’s Cathedral was designed by Christopher Wren. Discover this impressive cathedral.

London Eye

The London Eye was built in the year 2000 to celebrate the new millennium. It has since become one of London’s top attractions and most emblematic icons.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the London residence of the Royal Family. Find out more about this iconic building.

Big Ben

Known as Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster’s famous clock tower has become one of the city’s most famous places to visit.

Kensington Palace

Located in Kensington Gardens, Kensington Palace has been a residence of the British Royal Family for over 300 years. Find out more.

Trafalgar Square

Designed in 1830 to commemorate the victory of the British Navy, Trafalgar Square is one of the most important and bustling spaces in London.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden is one of London’s most charming neighbourhoods. Its market is one of London’s top-rated attractions.

The Shard

The Shard is a 1,020-foot skyscraper that since its inauguration in 2012 has become an essential part of the London skyline.


Chinatown is located in the heart of Soho. This Chinese neighbourhood is famous for its shops, restaurants and for its lively atmosphere.

The Old Operating Theatre

The Old Operating Theatre demonstrates Victorian surgery techniques in the oldest operating theatre of the UK. Find out more about this curious landmark.

The Monument

The Monument to the Great Fire of London was built between 1671 and 1677 to commemorate the victims of the Fire and celebrate its reconstructions

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre is an accurate reconstruction of the theatre built in 1559 in which Shakespeare performed his most famous plays. Discover what to see and how to get there.

Changing of the Guard

The Changing of the Guard is one of the most popular ceremonies in London, which takes place outside Buckingham Palace.

Apsley House

Located in Hyde Park Corner, Apsley House is a Georgian building completed in 1778 and home of the first Duke of Wellington.

City Hall

Designed by Norman Foster, the London City Hall is a futuristic building standing 150 feet tall on the banks of the River Thames.

HMS Belfast

The HMS Belfast warship is a floating museum moored on the River Thames and is an important part of the Imperial War Museum.

Sea Life

London's Sea Life is one of the best family attractions in the capital. Discover how to get there and how much it costs.

Sky Garden

The London Sky Garden is an incredible viewpoint occupying the three final floors of one of the city's newest skyscrapers.

Stamford Bridge

Stamford Bridge is the stadium of Chelsea FC, one of the biggest and most important teams in England. Get to know it.

Emirates Stadium

The Emirates is home to the legendary Arsenal FC, one of the biggest and best clubs in England. Discover this ultra modern stadium

Olympic Stadium

The London Olympic Stadium was the centre of the 2012 Olympic Games. Currently Premier League club West Ham play there.

Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium is a historic temple to English football, which throughout history and to the modern day has been home to the England national team.

Greenwich Observatory

The Greenwich Observatory is home to the international date line, and takes you through the astronomical discoveries from the 17th century onwards.